Think Outside The Bottle!
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Why buy expensive bottled water when you can purify your own, right from your tap? Did you know that most bottled water companies simply filter municipal tap water and bottle it for sale?

Using an AquaLine point-of-use Filtration System or Reverse Osmosis System is more convenient, takes up no space, much more cost effective and doesn't pollute our environment with all the plastic bottles waste. You can have 100% purified tap water – right at your fingertips - for drinking, cooking, coffee and rinsing off vegetables & produce!

If you are still buying (and lugging) bottled water, please consider switching today and start saving money while improving the quality of your drinking water.

In most cases, we can also Tee off the Filtration System to feed your refrigerator and icemaker. Although most refrigerators come with a built in filter, it is not as effective and comes at a higher annual cost.

We offer several options to provide you with the best quality drinking water and convenience:

The HF-30 Filtration System can be purchased and will provide an unlimited daily supply of .5 micron Filtered Drinking Water.

The Watts Reverse Osmosis System can be purchased and will provide a daily supply of PURIFIED Drinking Water.

*** To makes things easy, AquaLine will RENT customers a Reverse Osmosis POU Drinking Water System for $25 per month. INCLUDES: Installation and annual service! SIMPLE!